Powermaster’s New Charging Power For Race Applications

Powermaster’s New Charging Power For Race Applications

The crew at Powermaster Performance is never willing to let “good enough” be the standard. It seems with every passing year, the Powermaster Crew comes to the PRI Show with a new idea, or a redesigned product to help the performance fans.

This year is no different. Todd Ryden showed us the new Powermaster XS Volt line of alternators. “What makes the XS Volt alternator different is the unique voltage control system,” said Ryden. “The XS Volt alternators feature a powerful internal regulating system that is great for all performance applications,” he added.

“To top it off, the regulator has digital control which benefits the charging system by response time in milliseconds, not in seconds like the analog regulators.” According to Ryden, digital control acts more like a true one-wire alternator because of the quick response time.

If that wasn’t enough, the new XS Volt alternators have adjustable voltage control. “This is a user-adjustable control that allows racers to set points between 13.5 volts to 18.5 volts,” Ryden said. “This is great for 12-volt, 14-volt, and 16-volt systems!”

Ryden also explained one of the critical components of selecting the right alternator is picking the best charging wire for the application. Amp load and wire length play a critical role in building a race-winning charging system.

For more information about the new XS Volt line of performance alternators, visit Powermaster online at www.powermastermotorsports.com

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