Precision’s PT 7675 Turbo Brings The Boost For LS Engines

Precision's PT 7675 Turbo Brings The Boost For LS Engines

General Motors struck horsepower gold when it introduced the LS engine and it continues to grow in popularity with the automotive aftermarket. For those looking to bring some boosted horsepower into their LS mill Precision Turbo & Engine’s LS-Series PT 7675 Turbocharger is exactly what you need.

The PT 7675 turbo uses a 76mm cast compressor wheel with a 75mm turbine wheel as its backbone and this combination is ideal for LS-based engines. A 360-degree hydrodynamic bearing system has been implemented with the PT 7675 turbo to make it very reliable and add thrust capacity. A T4 flange is standard on the PT 7576 turbo along with a 3 5/8” v-band discharge to make installing a downpipe on any application easy.

According to Reggie Wynn from Precision Turbo & Engine, the PT 7675 has a lot to offer for a budget-friendly turbo.

“The PT 7675 is available with either a T4 .81 A/R or T4 .96 A/R housing so it can be used in a single or twin-turbo system build. It also comes with a ported H cover to keep compressor surge from occurring. Since this turbo uses journal bearings it is a little easier on the pocket for racers who are working with a budget. This turbo will easily support up to 1,200 horsepower on an LS application, so it can really serve a lot of different builds.”

The PT 7675 turbo is available now for a street price of just $1,049.99 and can be purchased on the Precision Turbo & Engine website right here.

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