Pro-Filer Heads Focusing On R&D With PBM Products

Pro-Filer Heads Focusing On R&D With PBM Products

As we announced earlier this month, Pro-Filer Performance Products will now be distributed exclusively through PBM Products. This will allow them to focus more heavily on the research and development side of the business in order to bring new cylinder head designs to the market.

To that end, they had their wares on display in the PBM Performance booth at PRI. PBM’s Jack McInnis expanded a little on the Pro-Filer product line. “Profiler is an American made product, using very high-quality aluminum castings. Probably the best castings in the business, in my opinion,” says McInnis.

Available in both as-cast and fully CNC-machines variants, Pro-Filer cylinder heads are some of the best flowing heads in the business.

“They offer great performance in everything from as-cast up to full-CNC cylinder head options. They currently offer heads for small-block and big-block Chevy and small-block Ford, with different valve angles along with some spread-port, raised port designs.”

With the new partnership between the two companies, Pro-Filer already has a new product in the works which will be out soon. “Profiler has some LS offerings coming out shortly which we’re really excited about,” says McInnis. In addition to distributing Pro-Filer cylinder heads and intake manifolds, and all the components to complete the head, PBM is knocking around the idea of offering complete Pro-Filer heads.

We’re the exclusive distributor, and we certainly have all the components in stock to complete them, but as of right now, we’re not sure if we’ll be selling assembled heads or not,” McInnis reveals. “we’ll be ironing out those details here in the very near future.”

In addition to cylinder heads, Pro-Filer also makes manifolds to complement its cylinder head designs.

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