ProCharger Recognizes Customers, Launches Truck Blowers

ProCharger Recognizes Customers, Launches Truck Blowers

Given ProCharger’s overwhelming success over the years, that it could far exceed any year in its history is really saying something. But with 129 major race victories — from the NHRA and PDRA to Radial versus The World, no-prep, and beyond — 25 national and world records, 98 number one qualifiers, and a host of series championships, it was one for the record books for the supercharger manufacturer.

As it does each year at the PRI Show, ProCharger has made it a point, above all else, to emphasize its customers and their on-track accomplishments during the season, and this year it dedicated more space than ever before to the racing accolades of those utilizing its products — ProCharger CEO Ken Jones even noting the company’s marketing team having to double the signage to fit everyone in this year.  

Among those highlights were Kevin Rivenbark’s Sweet 16 Radial versus The World victory and PDRA Pro Boost championship, the Bruder Brothers’ Sweet 16 title and X275 world record, Martin Connelly’s DXP235 season title, Brad Schehr’s NMRA Modified Street championship, and many more.

And if recent developments are any indication, 2020 should be every bit as fruitful. 

As the 2019 season winded to a close, NHRA officials confirmed the long-anticipated news that its F-3X-140 superchargers would be permitted for competition in Pro Modified next season. With a number of standout performances already to its credit in Northeast Pro Mod, PDRA, and other venues, its NHRA customers — which already include Sidnei Frigo and Clint Satterfield, along with John Strickland and Rivenbark of Galot Motorsports’ and Elite Motorsports’ Clint Hairston — will only add to the heritage its top-tier racers have established.

ProCharger has also recognized many of its engine building partners this year, with bullets from Sonny’s Brad Anderson, Pro Line, Noonan, PAR, and Steve Morris all on display.

On the product side, the company has announced the addition of Toyota pickup vehicle-specific superchargers, along with blowers for GM trucks coming down the pipeline.

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