RC Components Adds New Wheel Offsets For Drag Radials

RC Components Adds New Wheel Offsets For Drag Radials

Pro Modified-style chassis car have, in recent years, taken over the Radial versus The World ranks, thanks in large part to their light weight, aerodynamics, and tuning characteristics — but one flaw they’ve exhibited since the beginning has been the visually unappealing look of a relatively small 15-inch wheel and 315 drag-radial tire, tucked away in a wheel-well designed for something much larger. The result is a significant amount of empty space and wheels and tires separated from the quarter-panel lip by several inches. It just looks…awkward.

Some manufacturers have begun to address this need, including RC Components, which in late 2019 began producing a whopping 2-inch backspace wheel offering to join its standard, 1/2- and 1-inch offset options in its Comp Series drive wheel lineup.

With RC Components’s 14-inch wheel, you can option a 1-inch backspace, while the 2-inch backspacing becomes available on the 15- and 16-inch versions of RC Comp’s.

“We went to this because a lot of the guys with Pro Mod cars, using the 16×16, if they put the radials on, the tire sets well inside the wheel-well, but this backspace puts the tire out at the edge of the opening so it doesn’t look so stupid,” explains RC’s Rick Ball.

RC offers a complete lineup of striking RC Comp front and rear drive wheels for drag racing applications; the fronts range in size from 15×3.5-inches to 17×4.5-inches, while the rears — available in both non-, single-, and dual-beadlock — range from 15×8- to 16×16-inch. To complete the look of its stunning wheels, RC has also begun offering a newly-designed set of machined, polished and black-and-silver lug nuts to be paired with its wheelsets.

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