Supercharger EFI And Coil-On-Plug Talk With FuelTech

Supercharger EFI And Coil-On-Plug Talk With FuelTech

Screw-style supercharges are one of the most efficient ways you can add boosted air into an engine. Powerplants equipped with these supercharges require a skillful tuning hand to tame and a toolbox full of tricks to manage wheel-speed and horsepower. Using EFI along with coil-on-plug as a way to control these engines is providing tuners with more options to crank up the power and govern how it’s used.

Applying the violent power that’s supplied by a screw supercharger has been managed by mechanical fuel injection and timing for decades, but with the advancements seen in EFI, racers have begun the migration to fuel injection with coil-on-plug. The factors that have initiated this switch are the lower cost and ease of transition to EFI, and the results of using EFI have made the change worthwhile for many.

During the Street Car Super Nationals at The Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada, Justin Jones showed just what coil-on-plug with EFI could do when added to a screw supercharger in Pro Mod when he laid down a 5.51 in the 1/4-mile. Luis De Leon from FuelTech shared some more details on how this technology helps screw-supercharged applications.

“EFI and coil-on-plug provide precise fuel and timing delivery per cylinder that allows the engine to run as even as possible. This pushes the engine to run harder, plus you don’t need to slow down the entire engine just because one cylinder is sensitive to fuel or spark. There’s no parasitic loss from a magneto and there’s the proper fuel/spark delivery at higher RPM that increases the power-band while adding peak horsepower.”

FuelTech has been on the cutting edge of introducing EFI and coil-on-plug to supercharged applications. Through research and development both on and off the track, FuelTech has been able to refine its product offerings for those who want to make the switch to EFI.

“We have a complete solution; a single ECU that replaces every controller in the car, including dashboard and data logger. We also provide all of the supporting electronics, like an ignition module to replace a magneto and injector drivers for low impedance injectors. Using everything from the same brand makes tuning and data analysis easier. The whole package also lets the user remove anywhere from 20- to 40-pounds of weight from the car, so that allows them to run lighter, or to put the weight in a different location for better performance,” De Leon says.

If you want to learn more about making the switch to EFI and coil-on-plug, check out the FuelTech website right here.

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