The S&W 12 Days Of Building Sale

The S&W 12 Days Of Building Sale

Getting great deals on parts is always a nice way to make a build move along smoothly, and S&W Race Cars is here this holiday season to make that happen for you. The 12 Days Of Building Sale continues at S&W this week and there are some great deals to be found throughout its full product catalog.

Each day during the 12 Days Of Building Sale S&W is providing either store credit or instant savings on different products. These deals range anywhere from 10- to 20-percent, depending on the day and what has been selected as part of the sale. The deals can be claimed either through S&W’s website each day, or you can call directly to speak with a sales representative.

During the final week of the sale, S&W has decided to pull out all of the stops and give its customers some smoking deals on an assortment of products. If you’re looking for chassis parts, such as frame kits, crossmembers, and driveshaft loops, they will be available as part of the sale, as will items like ladder bars and wheelie bars. Digging deeper into the S&W catalog for the 12 Days Of Building Sale, S&W is rolling out deals on roll cage upgrades, interior pieces, and even full chassis kits.

The 12 Days Of Building Sale comes to an end on Friday, December 12, so you’d better start shopping now. All of the deals can be found right here on the S&W website, along with information on which day they will become available.

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