The Worlds Quickest And Fastest 6L90E Transmission

The Worlds Quickest And Fastest 6L90E Transmission

We are living in a glorious time where factory production cars are better than ever. Sure, there’s someone out there that will argue that the “1969 Yenko Camaro is the best damn car ever built.” While the Yenko was a straight line performer years ago, it wouldn’t touch most of today’s OEM cars in comfort, handling, or power. The industry has had massive advancements in engine development, traction control, and as well as drivetrain reliability. There is not a better example out there at the moment than Wen Dawson’s 2009 Cadillac CTS-V.

Wen’s 4-door sedan tips the scales at a hefty 4,385 pounds. The CTS-V is a reasonably simple build so far, and stills utilize the factory independent rear suspension (IRS), factory driveshaft, axles, and rear end.

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The situation heats up once the hood is popped, however. The LSA block houses a factory crankshaft, a set of Callies Compstar rods, and Weisco forged pistons. Topping off the short block, you will find a pair of Brodix BR3 heads reworked and ported by Trey Sisk of Modern Airflow Dynamics (MAD). Brian Tooley Racing (BTR) made a custom grind cam for this combination. The factory blower was removed and replaced with a Huron Speed turbo kit that was modded by 4DHPClub. The system now uses a pair of BorgWarner SXE369 turbos in conjunction with an AMS2000 to get the boost levels up. The engine runs off a Fore Fuel system and Fuel injector Development 1,600cc injectors while Justin White Tuned handled all of the tuning duties.

Now, it’s no surprise that a twin-turbocharged CTS-V can make some power. What’s unexpected is that the drivetrain has lived through some severe punishment as the massive Cadilac makes pass after pass. In fact, the only modifications that were made to the CTS-V’s driveline were in the transmission. 4DHPClub rebuilt the factory 6l90e with factory clutches and steels and a billet midshaft. The OEM torque converter was tossed and replaced with a Circle D billet triple-disc unit.

So, how fast is Wen’s 2009 Cadillac CTS-V in the 1/4-mile? With a set of Forgestar 17-inch rear wheels and sticky tires, “Twin Turbo Wen” managed to bust off an impressive 8.59 @ 163.97MPH.

Several things are remarkable about this feat. First off, the majority of the driveline under the car is stock. Second, the 60-foot time was only a 1.41, meaning Wen should be able to shave a tenth or more off the elapsed time. Third, this pass makes for the world’s quickest and fastest 6l90e. Finally, the CTS-V is Wen’s daily driver, which is freaking awesome. Congratulations to Wen and her crew on their 6l90e record.

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