Tubular Front End Kits From Team Z Motorsports

Tubular Front End Kits From Team Z Motorsports

When an auto manufacturer designs a car they don’t put any thought into how the vehicle can be optimized for racing, unless it’s a performance-oriented car. Therefore, it’s up to the person trying to build a racecar to make that happen. One of the most proven ways to raise the performance level of a vehicle is to remove unnecessary weight, specifically from the engine compartment. Team Z Motorsports has created a line of Tubular Front End Kits for the Mustang that not only save weight, but also make working on the car much easier.

Before Team Z started to bend tubing for its Tubular Front End Kits, some thought needed to be applied to the design of the product. David Zimmerman and his team wanted to ensure the kits would provide significant weight savings, but they also wanted to make sure that the body panels and front bumper would fit without being altered. The other checkbox that needed to be addressed was eliminating the weight without sacrificing strength, so 4130 chrome-moly steel was selected as the material for each kit.

Zach Cooper from Team Z Motorsports discussed with us the advantages the Tubular Front End kits provide.

“This kit allows you to remove 25-pounds off the front end of your car. In addition to the weight savings, it opens the engine bay up to allow for more room to mount turbo a turbo or supercharger, and the custom mounting of accessories. This kit also allows you to remove the upper radiator support, the lower radiator support, and the bumper support. Having the ability to remove these bars makes removing the engine much easier, but you also access hard-to-reach spots in your engine bay when they’re left in place.”

Currently, Team Z Motorsports offers its Tubular Front End Kits in welded and unwelded versions for the 1979-2004 Mustang. You can learn more about the kits right here on the Team Z website.

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