Vortech’s V-15, V-17, Belt- And Gear-Drive Kits

Vortech's V-15, V-17, Belt- And Gear-Drive Kits

Vortech Superchargers brought an array of new and in-development products to this year’s PRI Show, for both the street and drag-race markets.

The V-15Z supercharger, a couple of years in the making, according to Vortech’s Jimmy Martz, is geared to Corvette C5/6/7 owners who want to make upwards of 1,500 horsepower. These units feature a small, compact volute but a 110mm inducer, allowing it to move a considerable amount of air for its size. Martz explains that this supercharger, sporting an all-billet case, fits the bill for those who have maxed out the more entry-level Ysi.

The V-17 (left) and V-15Z superchargers.

The V-15 features a 3.5-inch discharge O.D., 4.75-inch inlet O.D., and 4.399-inch inducer diameter, with a 65,000 rpm maximum speed and 35 psi boost maximum, allowing it to move 3,100 cfm of air and up to 1,900 horsepower.

The V-17 105A supercharger, featuring the V-15 gear case, is also all-billet with a larger shaft and internals. The difference, however, is that the V-17 will house any V-30 volute and impeller combination. As Martz explains, if the gear case can hold it, the V-17 can be taken upwards of 2,500 horsepower.

The V-17, in its standard trim, has a discharge O.D. of 3.5-inches, inlet O.D. of 5-inches, inducer diameter of 4.20-inches, a max speed of 65,000 rpm, and a 35 psi boost maximum, allowing it to move 2,900 cfm and deliver 1,700 horsepower.

“These superchargers are geared toward the street customers — guys with Camaros and Mustangs that want to make a ton of power. We can put the stage on the V-17 to make it fit a class like X275, but with any of the racing stuff, we want to stay with the V-30; it’s the more robust, reliable gear case.”

On the supercharger drive side of things, Vortech has been working with Chris Alston’s Chassisworks and The Supercharger Store to develop gear drive units for the powerful V-30 series of race blowers. “This makes it easier for our customers to just ask for the setup and we can sell them the whole package,” Martz notes. Vortech has also seen a resurgence in the use of belt-drives — it created an updated belt-drive unit in recent years for Top Dragster and Top Sportsman racers whose chassis would not accommodate the length of a gear-drive, and there has been an influx of interest from customers in its side-slinger kits.

Side-slinger drive belt kits, which are seeing a resurgence in NHRA sportsman racing.

“The belt drives are coming back — we were working with [Top Dragster racer] Danny Nelson, and he was able to modify his chassis to fit a gear drive, but he’s got some customers who don’t want to modify the chassis, or just can’t, and so this will bolt to the cylinder head, up high, for a forward-facing blower.”

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