VP Racing Enters Cooling Market With Stay Frosty Coolant

VP Racing Enters Cooling Market With Stay Frosty Coolant

VP Racing Fuels is known the world over for its vast line of race gas, fueling nearly every form of motorsport. With everything from its zero-ethanol 93 Octane to Octanes that power cars in the thousands of horsepower VP is the only choice for many enthusiasts. But, at the PRI Show 2019, we talked about a new push into fluids and additives.

While the Mad Scientist, booth models, and fuel drums were all standard display-fare for the show this year, two discreet shelves had products we weren’t expecting from VP Racing. As the reps explained to us, the VP name is trusted worldwide, so the push into lubricants, fuel additives, and even the new brake fluid has spurred the latest product — Stay Frosty, which is for advanced engine cooling.

Having cooling woes while running a high-performance track car in the Florida heat — along with corrosion issues — Stay Frosty needed a closer look.

“We just released the Stay Frosty coolant to compliment our racing brake fluid for track cars,” says Jason Rueckert, regional manager at VP. “In both applications, the resistance to heat is important. The Stay Frosty coolant may have no glycol in it to prevent freezing, but it seriously lowers temperatures when running on a race track.”

Rueckert explained that in his own tests, the Stay Frosty product works in his car at the track. Rueckert is used to his car’s engine running 180 to 185-degrees F. But, with Stay Frosty in the engine, coolant temperature dipped to 160-degrees F with rock-solid consistency. Of course, without the anti-freeze properties of glycol, it can’t be run year-round. If you are in many southern states, it’s totally possible.

Another high-point of this water-based product is the corrosion inhibitors Stay Frosty boasts. When running a mix of distilled water with some competing super-coolant additives, rust can develop. Aside from being very unsightly, the rust inside a cooling system isn’t doing any favors for the performance of the system. Stay Frosty comes ready to pour in and improves upon the cooling properties of a distilled mix. Yet, it isn’t going to rust the internals of the cooling system.

Best of all, this product is ideal for race tracks, as there is no slippery glycol on the surface should there be a mishap. Look for this Stay Frosty to retail everywhere VP Racing products are sold and give it a go for the upcoming warm season.

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