Whipple Dominates With The Cobra Jet Mustang In 2019

Whipple Dominates With The Cobra Jet Mustang In 2019

The Whipple Superchargers Gen 5 supercharger pushed Cobra Jet racers in both the NMCA and NMRA to new performance heights in 2019. It didn’t matter where the event was being held, the Whipple and Cobra Jet combination was able to dominate on the drag strip.

When Ford was on the prowl for a new supercharger to use in the Cobra Jet program they reached out to Dustin Whipple and his team to see what they had in development. After seeing the potential of the new Gen 5 supercharger and looking at the past success Ford had experienced with Whipple, the decision was made to use the Gen 5 on the Coyote-powered Cobra Jets. In the span of just a few months, the Gen 5 supercharger went from a CAD drawing to the winner’s circle under the hood of the Cobra Jet Mustang.

Dustin and his team were excited to see just how well the new supercharger was doing and it proved their design was working.

“The horsepower gains were significant with the new superchargers right out of the gate. The air temperatures were lower and the engines were making more horsepower on less boost than before. With the Holbrook engines and the Whipple Gen 5 supercharger, Bill Skillman won the NMCA Factory Supercar title and Drew Skillman won the NHRA Factory Showdown championship. Between the two classes, the Gen 5 supercharger was the number one qualifier at every race and won every race but two. It also reset the ET and MPH record in both the NHRA and NMCA as well this season.”

To learn more about the Gen 5 supercharger’s supremacy in the NHRA and NMCA check out the Whipple Superchargers website right here.

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