Whipple Superchargers Goes Big With Its Gen 5 Blower

Whipple Superchargers Goes Big With Its Gen 5 Blower

When it came time for Whipple Superchargers to design its newest supercharger, the slate was wiped totally clean to give the Gen 5 unit a fresh start. The final product is a more efficient supercharger that runs cooler and produces even more horsepower.

The Gen 5 Whipple supercharger is a 3-liter twin-screw unit packed with plenty of cutting edge technology. This supercharger features new rotors that have a unique wrap angle and profile — versus the Gen 4 Supercharger — which assists it with generating plenty of power. The Gen 5 supercharger is capable of churning out 700 too 800 horsepower on pump gas and up to 1,000 horsepower on E85.

Dustin Whipple from Whipple Superchargers provides some additional details about this new Gen 5 supercharger.

“The efficiency of the Gen 5 supercharger is much better across a much larger RPM range than the Gen 4, and that helps it make a lot more power. This Gen 5 supercharger reaches its peak efficiency, and then it holds it for a lot longer than the Gen 4 was able to. We didn’t give up anything for this blower to work on a street application or an all-out race engine. The supercharger that was used this year on the Cobra Jet Mustangs is nearly identical to the supercharger you can buy for your Coyote-powered streetcar. The only difference is the intercooler core is thicker on the race version.”

Whipple plans on releasing an even bigger 3.8-liter version of the Gen 5 in the future. Plus, it will also have Gen 5 superchargers to fit Dodge and GM applications. Check out the Whipple Superchargers website right here to learn more.

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