2020 U.S. Street Nationals Same Day Coverage From Bradenton

2020 U.S. Street Nationals Same Day Coverage From Bradenton

Cars have been testing here since Tuesday getting ready to kick off the 2020 season and we have plenty of fast cars on the property including several new cars and combinations making their debut here this weekend. It’s the first time back for X275 here at the US Street Nationals and Pro 275 is making their debut with some new players and heavy hitters making the move from Radial vs. the World which will also be running here this weekend.


We spoke with Pro Fab Performance’s Matt LaRue about Don Lamana’s new Corvette, “In-Decisive”. Don will run in Pro 275 this year with Frankenstein Engine Dynamics Procharged Hemi power. He made three test laps so far making a 1.02 60′ and 2.68 to the 330′ clicking it early at 2.1 seconds in the run. They are tuning the new combo with Wade from Southern Speed on the key board and making small steps with the new combo after running a TT Mustang in the class previously.

Jeff Rudolf has had his Jeffers built Pro Modified Camaro going on two years now and now features a Pro Line engine combo. He ran well at the Orlando World Street Nats last year scoring a 3.66 but sheared an axle that ended their weekend. “We are coming back stranger for 2020 with some bigger axles and some extra parts to keep us going, I’m hoping we will qualify in the top of the field today if we can stay on course from our last runs.” – Jeff Rudolf.


The Galot Motorsports crew has already run in the 3.50’s this week with Kevin Rivenbark laying down a 3.57 during testing showing they are right on track at the top of the class in Radial vs the World and ready for 2020.

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