DS Racing’s 2,004 Horsepower 388 Cubic-Inch Hydraulic Cam LS

DS Racing's 2,004 Horsepower 388 Cubic-Inch Hydraulic Cam LS

DS RACING set out on a mission 12-months ago to build an LS engine that would make some serious power for their Pontiac GTO race car. Their goal was to make 2,000-plus horsepower at the tires. As if their intentions weren’t tricky enough, they wanted to hit this number with less than 400 cubic-inches with a hydraulic roller camshaft instead of a roller unit.

The crew was able to hit the goal as the car made an impressive 2,004 horsepower at the wheels at 7,800 rpm on a Dynolog Dynometer. It took some tuning and 48-pounds of boost to get the 388 cubic-inch engine over the 2,000 horsepower mark, but the Australian team managed to pull it off.

The engine combination was the brainchild of John Bewley of Lil’ Johns Motorsports and the guys at DS Racing. The LS3-based engine utilizes a Dart LS Next 2 Pro iron block equipped with a Callies Magnum 3.625-inch crankshaft. GRP alloy rods connect to a set of JE 4.125-inch flat top pistons to make sure the bottom end can handle all of the boost. For the valve train, the guys used an LJMS Custom Hydraulic roller camshaft, Crower steel shaft rockers, and a set of Johnson short travel lifters. A set of SPS/Brodix BR3 cylinder heads sit atop of the long block with an Edlebrock Super Victor intake that houses eight Siemens Deka 2400’s and eight more Billet Atomizer 575-pound fuel injectors. If you can’t tell by the number and size of injectors in this beast, it runs on methanol fuel and a lot of it. To burn all of that fuel, the team stepped up the ignition system with a new MSD Pro600 CDI ignition, external Hyperaktive 12-1 crank trigger. A Holley external injector driver powers the Billet Atomizer injectors. A single Forced Inductions GTR55 106mm turbocharger supplies the mill with nearly 50-pounds of boost. A Holley Dominator EFI system is used for engine management and Streetbuilt Racing handles all of the tuning duties for the team.

The team sent the engine components to Con at Balcata Engine for machining. Con and Lorenzo handled the final assembly.

For the driveline, a Performance Torque Convertor (PTC) bolt-together Converter is used with an Al’s Race Glide 3 -speed Turbo 400 transmission.

The previous combination in the car was good for a 6.69 @ 211.94mph making it Australia’s Quickest and Fastest LS and the Worlds Fastest Hydraulic Roller Cam LS in the world. We will be keeping an eye on this new setup to see how fast it goes.

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