Edelbrock And Pat Musi Are Developing More Race-Specific Products

Edelbrock And Pat Musi Are Developing More Race-Specific Products

If you’re into all-things horsepower, Edelbrock recently announced the expansion of its racing line that was developed in conjunction with Pat Musi Racing. That announcement surrounds a racing-specific product line known as the Edelbrock Musi Signature collection. The new products will officially launch during the first quarter of 2020, and feature heads, manifolds, and an expansion of the existing crate-engine partnership.

The Edelbrock/Musi 555 PN: 49550 big-block Chevy crate engine delivers an incredible 676 horsepower and 649 lb-ft of torque while burning 91-octane pump gas.

According to the official press release, the initial focus of Edelbrock’s partnership with Pat Musi Racing is to offer world-class cylinder heads and manifolds while providing outstanding customer service that Edelbrock’s customers have come expect. In the future, the two companies plan to expand the line to include carburetors and EFI systems for racing applications.

Edelbrock will begin production of the new cylinder heads at its Mooresville, North Carolina, porting shop using the latest CNC machines. Edelbrock’s Senior Design Engineer, Matt Gamble, will lead the project as Pat Musi provides specific input based on his extensive racing experience.

“We’re extremely excited to advance our line of racing-specific products through this expanded relationship with Pat Musi and his team,” says Don Barry, CEO of Edelbrock. “We’ve been working with Pat for a number of years, and his racing experience is extremely valuable to our product development. The new Edelbrock Musi Signature products are designed to perform at the highest level under even the harshest conditions.”


Edelbrock and Pat Musi Racing have combined efforts to produce the Edelbrock PN: 61409 Victor 24-degree CNC cylinder heads.

Edelbrock has worked closely with Pat Musi Racing for more than 20 years to support product design and development. During that time, Musi and his team have tested Edelbrock’s products in some of the most extreme racing applications and conditions. To date, the eight-time Pro Street World Champion has collaborated to develop numerous products, including M3 Nitrous Nozzles, Victor Musi Big-Block Chevy CNC cylinder head, and a line of crate engines —including the Edelbrock/Musi 555 and 632.

“Edelbrock has a long history of providing innovative and reliable products to enthusiasts across the board from show cars to our drag cars,” said Pat Musi. “We have really enjoyed working with its team over the years, and we’re looking forward to supporting them from a product development standpoint as they produce our new collaborative line.”

If you would like more information on the Edelbrock Musi Signature collection or other Edelbrock products, please visit www.edelbrock.com.

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