How To Use The MSD Pro 600 With Holley EFI Software

How To Use The MSD Pro 600 With Holley EFI Software

The MSD Pro 600 CDI is a very powerful system that’s capable of providing ignition to the most extreme engine combinations you can think of. This CDI ignition is also very versatile and can work with a range of engine management systems. In this video, Ryan Witte from Holley goes over the basics of how to get the MSD Pro 600 to work with a Holley Dominator EFI system.

When MSD designed the Pro 600 CDI the goal was to create a coil-near-plug system that would work with most EFI platforms. The Pro 600 also allows users to swap their distributor-type ignition system to a coil-near-plug system that provides a higher level of ignition control. Since the Pro 600 CID has the ability to crank out nearly 680 mJ of energy, it’s a great fit for engines with a lot of cylinder pressure that need a high amount of spark to light the combustion process off.

It made sense for Holley to make the Pro 600 CDI easy to use with its own EFI software. This seamless integration gives those who have a Holley Dominator EFI system installed in their race car even more control over the Pro 600 CDI.

The Holley Dominator EFI software already has a drop-down for the MSD 600 build in that allows you to select it as an output and configure it with a custom ignition power table. The Holley Dominator EFI software has the capability to manipulate the ignition power offset based on your application and spark needs. There’s also an option inside the Holley Dominator EFI software that will let you use the diagnostic functions of the MSD Pro 600. You can look at different inputs and see any possible troubles the system could be experiencing from voltage problems to spark issues inside a cylinder.

You can learn more about the Pro 600 CDI and the Holley Dominator EFI systems right here.

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