Jason Ghiller’s 1,400 Horsepower Ford Falcon

Jason Ghiller's 1,400 Horsepower Ford Falcon

The number of legitimate 7-second street cars seems to grow with each passing year, but many of those vehicles don’t do anything to really hide their true intentions. While the definition of a ‘sleeper’ is always open to debate, it’s hard to argue that Australian Jason Ghiller’s 7-second Ford Falcon doesn’t fit the mold.

Ghiller and his team at Tunnel Vision Turbocharging have a reputation for churning out some pretty nasty boosted cars that roam the street and lay down impressive passes at the track.  This particular 1980 Ford Falcon XD only took 12 weeks to build and uses a Ford Bara 4-liter engine for motivation. When you look at the car the only thing that really sticks out are the factory wheels that have been widened to handle a 275 drag radial. The parachute mount might be the other giveaway of the car’s potential, but it’s removable so that when Ghiller needs to tow his boat there’s a spot to put the hitch.

The Falcon has competed in the Street Machine Drag Challenge several times and when it makes hits at the track it’s done in street trim through a full exhaust. Tunnel Vision built the Bara engine that can take 40-pounds of boost from a single Garrett turbo, while a Haltech ECU controls the engine’s functions. A TH400 transmission takes the 1,400 horsepower produced by the mill and transfers it to the 9-inch rearend.

Ghiller has been chasing 7-second glory for a while, and his quest led him to Sydney Dragway to attempt reaching his goal. The Falcon made multiple low 8-second passes before it laid down a stout 7.97-second, 171 mph run. When you consider the Falcon weights a healthy 3,690-pounds, that 7-second pass from an inline six-cylinder enginenis even more impressive. After the new personal best the Falcon was driven eight hours home from Sydney back to Melbourne — another impressive feat for this 7-second sleeper.

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