The World’s Quickest Street Legal C7 Corvette Goes 7’s

The World’s Quickest Street Legal C7 Corvette Goes 7's

The saying, “records are made to be broken”, doesn’t take into account how amazingly hard it is to get to that level. Case in point, is the recent run for the crown of “quickest C7”. As you whittle down the percent of stopwatch dial necessary to record a run, tenths of a second become miles apart and bridging the gap between them becomes more difficult. At this point, only the kings of speed dare to slay the Christmas Tree while mere princes gaze from their double-digit E.T. fiefdoms. The race to the top has been littered with car parts and kitty litter but has hewn away at the elapsed times with increasing regularity.

Photos by: Killshot, Inc.

Eight-second quarter-mile times have become the norm and if you’re really in the running, you wouldn’t expect to see an eight-second time slip unless something happened mid-run. Today’s top contenders are all seven-shooters and are judged by how deep they dive into that prime number.

Tim King from TK Performance is the newest to be fitted with the crown of Fastest C7 Corvette from a pass he endured recently during the Street Car Takeover at Bradenton Motorsports Park in Florida. BigKleib34 interviewed Tim to get a little better idea of what it takes to consistently cut a little more flesh from the record bone. Tim confides that there’s a stock LT4 block that has been sleeved, with twin Precision turbos pushing 28-pounds of boost into the LME built engine.

Behind that beast of an engine is a built Powerglide transmission that in Tim’s own words, “Other than the Powerglide, it’s the way it came from the factory.” Of course, that’s not counting the wheels, tires, turbos, racing seats, roll bar, rear spoiler, and parachute, but you get the idea. Tim does go on to say that his C7 isn’t THE fastest C7 Corvette, that title goes to a certain Pro-Mod monster that definitely doesn’t have power windows, steering, or any of the other items that keep Tim’s ride tied more closely to its street-going brethren.

Tim has been working on his C7 for some time, and after tweaking the converter and sorting out some throttle body issues, he’s got his hot little C7 deep into the 7’s. In the video, Tim’s first run, which would require a change of shorts in lesser men, Tim mustered an 8-second run at only 125 mph. The second run was an arrow-straight endeavor and netted Tim a 7.59 at 182 mph.

In this video, Tim’s white laser busted the lights with a personal best of 7.38 at 184 mph, but in Tim’s own words, he wants to, “get the suspension dialed in and see how fast it can REALLY go!” We all want that Tim!

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