Tom Bailey Rips Off A 5.77 In Full Drag Week Trim!

Tom Bailey Rips Off A 5.77 In Full Drag Week Trim!

On the final pass of Drag Week this year Tom Bailey lit the boards with the first five-second run in his iconic 1969 Camaro and the collective drag racing world about lost its mind. Bailey is dropping bombs again, but this time it’s during testing for the U.S. Street Nationals and it looks like he’s just starting to stretch the legs of his Steve Morris Engines-built 481X.

After picking up the victory and setting the record at Drag Week Bailey unloaded his Camaro at his shop in Michigan and really didn’t touch it until he was doing some prep work for the U.S. Street Nationals. The car was taken to Steve Morris Engines for some dyno testing, however, the engine never came out of the car and wasn’t touched since Drag Week.

Bailey loaded his Camaro up and drove to Bradenton Motorsports Park to get some testing in before the U.S. Street Nationals and that’s when things started to get interesting. The Camaro was driven to the staging lanes and laid down a 5.881 at 252.76 MPH with a 1.011 60’ time, this smashed the Drag Week run by a full tenth of a second and over two MPH. According to Steve Morris, that was on a soft tune-up and only 48 PSI of boost being pumped into the engine.

That 5.88 pass was just the beginning for Bailey, a bigger tune-up was loaded into the Camaro and it responded with a 5.773 at 259.66 MPH, resetting the streetcar record here in the United States yet again. What makes that pass even more impressive is the fact it was done in full Drag Week trim.


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