Watch AFRs On Your Phone With FAST’s Wireless Air/Fuel Meter Kits

Watch AFRs On Your Phone With FAST's Wireless Air/Fuel Meter Kits

Smartphones have become ingrained as a part of daily life for most people, and aftermarket performance companies are finding ways to leverage that technology in your pocket. Fuel Air Spark Technology (FAST) now has Wireless Air/Fuel Meter kits that can use your smartphone to monitor your engine’s AFR readings and much more through Bluetooth technology.

The FAST Wireless Air/Fuel Meter Kits uses a proprietary app to monitor a vehicle’s AFR readings through either a single or dual sensor configuration. A Bluetooth module that’s mounted under the hood is connected to the engine’s oxygen sensors to collect data and send it to your phone. The kits will work with virtually any fuel type, and fuel calibrations are preloaded into the app.

These kits will work with any iOS or Android smartphone right out of the box. Users have a data-logger option that can record AFR and RPM data for two minutes inside the app. There’s also more advanced features like a 0-5 volt output for your external data logging system or a digital gauge you might want to use to watch the AFR readings.

The Wireless Air/Fuel Meter kits are also packed with some pretty innovative safety features that you won’t find in other products. A selectable module output is included that will function as a lean AFR ratio safety cutoff, RPM-activated window switch, or even as an anti-theft device that will immobilize the vehicle. All of this can be manipulated through the included app and doesn’t require any additional wiring.

Check out the FAST website right here to learn more about the Wireless Air/Fuel Meter Kits.

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