Flying A Motorsports 46-foot InTech Race Trailer

Flying A Motorsports 46-foot InTech Race Trailer

As the official trailer/motorcoach dealer of Dragzine, Flying A Motorsports offers an extensive lineup of new and used motorhomes and toterhomes, racecar trailers, stacker trailers, car haulers, and cargo trailers. Those products will be highlighted here in a monthly feature known as the Rig Of The Month.

The February featured trailer for racers is this new 2020 InTech 46-foot gooseneck race trailer. This trailer shows off many of the heavy-duty features for which InTech is well-known. Flying A keeps a wealth of these trailers in stock, ranging from 24- to 48-foot tag and gooseneck models.

“This specific InTech Trailers model is one of its top-of-the-line, wide-body models,” explains Alan Cape, President of Flying A Motorsports. “It also features triple 8,000-pound Dexter torsion axles, compared to the more typical 7,000- or 6,000- pound options.”

The wide-body option measures at 97 1/2-inches at the rear door, compared to 90- or 91-inches on a standard model. Cape notes this trailer series provides 2- to 3-inches in greater width throughout the inner walls and fender well openings.

Looking down, the extruded aluminum floor has recessed e-track in multiple rows along the overall length of the trailer floor. Four 5,000-pound D-rings have been fabricated into the floor. This trailer also features a wide-body option, which adds 2- to 3-inches of extra width within the walls and ramp door opening.

“This one is visually sharp to me with the grey metallic aluminum exterior and black anodized trim option,” Cape says. “Some trailer brands have painted or powder-coated trim on the front that unfortunately tends to chip. I have been impressed with InTech’s anodized aluminum as far as durability.”

The raw building blocks of this trailer include an all-aluminum tube frame with an aluminum extruded floor. The triple-axle trailer features a spread axle design with electric brakes on each of the three axles.

InTech trailers are well insulated, including the two insulated cabinets in the riser area for your own installed generator and air compressor. They also have ventilation provisions to help with sound and cooling. – Alan Cape

On the exterior, walk-on durability is a feature of the one-piece aluminum roof. The screwless outer walls are constructed from .040-inch aluminum. The interior walls offer the screwless design as well and the trailer is fully insulated.

A door cabinet is located in the floor for your choice of winches to install. Another larger floor cabinet further back on the floor plan can store a wealth of items out of the way.

An additional trend that Cape sees in customer popularity is to have a unit supplied with all provisions for a generator, air compressor, and additional amenities, like roof air-conditioning. “Many customers like the idea of getting the trailer plumbed for air lines, a fuel tank, and lines run through the trailer for a generator,” Cape notes. “The factory also adds all bracing prefabricated to install roof air when the owner wants to add it themselves.”

Not only can you see much more on this specific trailer in the details list below and on the Flying A website, you can also view the daily updated inventory of other trailers and use its payment calculator included on every sale page.

This trailer is also equipped with a flip-out bench in addition to the cabinet work area. Above that shelf, the interior wall is marked where bracing for a television is installed during assembly, including all television wiring, antenna installed, and power supplies.

Attention to detail goes into InTech’s aluminum cabinetry. This unit has 8-foot upper and lower cabinets, with a well lighted aluminum worktop, and a full driver’s closet.

For power and lighting, this trailer has a 50-amp electrical service installed with a wealth of 110-volt receptacles, along with LED lighting on the interior, workbench area, and the outer pit area.

The Cuba, Missouri sales center for Flying A Motorsports also has an extensive service and repair center. If there is ever a customer request for an option such as generators, compressors, or air-conditioning, its shop can easily offer those needs.

Flying A Motorsports has  partnered with Elite Motorsports with a cooperative effort to offer individual inventories to both groups of faithful customers. Cape finishes, “Each of us has a strong clientele in different sectors of motorsports; this is a great way to provide more hauler/trailer options to each of our client bases.”

Trailer Specs:

  • 2020 InTech 46-foot race trailer
  • Triple 8,000-pound Dexter torsion axles
  • Electric brakes – all axles
  • Spread axle design
  • Aluminum Bogie wheels
  •  Breakaway battery with switch
  • Dual post hydraulic landing gear
  • ATP enclosed gooseneck riser with two storage roors
  • 60-inch double side entry door
  • Ramp rear door
  • 5-foot ramp extension
  • 97.5-inch rear ramp door opening
  • Aluminum slide-out step
  • One-piece aluminum roof
  • Black anodized exterior package
  • .040-inch screwless aluminum exterior
  • Two insulated compartments in riser
  • – One prepped for generator
  • – Fuel gauge and transfer switch
  • – In-frame fuel tank
  • – One prepped for air compressor
  • – One inlet, three electrical outlets
  • – Dedicated receptacle
  • Two exterior 40″ x 36″ vented generator doors in riser
  • LED docking lights
  • LED loading lights
  • LED exterior lighting
  • Two spare tires
  • Two spare tire wall mounts
  • 12-volt power roof vent
  • Two non-powered roof vents
  • – Rear vent braced and wired for future air conditioning
  • Insulated walls and ceiling
  • Screwless aluminum walls and ceiling
  • Extruded aluminum floor
  • Extruded auminum ramp
  • 8-foot aluminum straight overhead cabinets
  • 8-foot aluminum saight base cabinets
  • Full driver’s closet
  • Interior wall carpet – 34-inches tall
  • Gray carpet in riser
  • In-floor storage compartment
  • In-floor winch compartment
  • – Prepped for winch
  • Tie downstrap hangers
  • Flip-down aluminum countertop
  • Recessed E-track
  • Eight recessed 5,000-pound D-rings
  • TV prep package
  • – Roof mounted antenna
  • – Dedicated receptacle
  • – Antenna and cable switch controller
  • – Exterior coax inlet
  • – Wall backer for future mount
  • 50-amp electrical package
  • 12-volt fuse panel
  • Three, 20-amp interior receptacles
  • Two, 12-volt surface mount LED food lights
  • 50-amp generator prep with transfer switch
  • Motorbase
  • 25-foot shore cord
  • 60-amp converter
  • 20-amp exterior receptacle
  • 12-volt cutoff switch

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