Hot Shot’s Secret’s “Never Rust Lubricant”

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If you’re here reading this, I know you have used some sort of penetrant or rust prevention in your day. We’ve all used big-name items and we’ve been somewhat happy with them but what if I told you there was something better out there? Hot Shot’s Secret is stepping into an entirely different arena with their newest product, Never Rust Lubricant.

You’re used to Hot Shot’s Secret by now and I know what you’re thinking. “Wait, don’t they only do oils, fluids, and additives?”. Well, yes. Like I aforementioned, they’re stepping into the unknown world of penetrating oil and rust prevention but not to worry. You’re getting that same diverse, high-performance product you’re used to in their oils and additives.

NRL is highly resistant to water washout meaning it will not dry out, separate, or bleed on any equipment. This product is also backed by a money-back guarantee.

Intrigued about the product, I reached out to Hot Shot’s Secret Director Of Sales, Kyle Fischer. Fischer seems very excited about this product. “This is the first time that we have released an aerosol product. The spray lubricant segment is very crowded with a lot of product offerings, so our new aerosols took some time to bring to market because we don’t release anything until we can show that it’s the best,” Fischer said. He continued, “We wanted to make sure our new Never Rust Lube was scientifically proven to be the best on the market and after our testing, this did so much better than everything else, we couldn’t wait. We were ready to take it to market.”

Never Rust Lubricant

Never Rust Lubricant is a 100-percent synthetic penetrating and rust inhibiting multi-purpose spray lubricant that is formulated to last over 20-times longer than even the most competitive brands. What do you use this for? Never Rust can virtually help with lubrication and rust prevention on everything. According to their latest press release on the product, it is ideal for metal hardware such as nuts, bolts, cables, chains, metal tools, automotive parts, door hinges, locks, and much more.

I’m a numbers guy and I like to know the differences in multiple items. Hot Shot’s Secret is avid about testing their products extensively before releasing them to the public and Never Rust Lubricant is no exception. In fact, Lubrication Specialties tested and tested and the results are in.

NRL has been testing up against 13 well-known spray lubricants including WD-40 for corrosion prevention using a Salt Fog Chamber test (ASTM Method B-117), and the results demonstrated that Never Rust Lubricant prevented rust over twenty times longer than even the top brand after 2,700-hours inside the salt fog chamber.

“Our nationwide network of Hot Shot’s Secret dealers will love this new product at their shop, as will all of our traditional customers for everyday use. In fact, we’re in development for the big three spray lubes which will include this new rust preventative product, our newest grease product, Spray & Stay Grease, and an incoming penetrating oil that we will put up against anything,” Fischer said. “We are very excited to continue to bring more industrial-strength products to the average guy’s garage.”

This product is engineered to be effective in extreme temperatures with an operating temperature range of -65 degrees to 300-degrees. It can be used in any climate for any metal application whether that be automotive, industrial, marine, power sports, agricultural, or heavy duty. Use this product for any application at home or in a professional repair facility where long-term protection from rust and corrosion is needed.

In addition to rust prevention, Never Rust can be used to remove gummy labels, tape, or stickers and is compatible to use with most seals except for EDPM rubber. To apply, simply shake the 9-ounce aerosol can and hold the spray tip 8 to 10-inches away from the metal surface and spray evenly.

If you’re more interested in the testing and the results of this product, head over to the Hot Shot’s Secret website right here for more. We’re excited to see this product hit the local shelves and look forward to hearing your thoughts on this product.


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