Learn How To Use A FuelTech ECU Through The FT Education Program

Learn How To Use A FuelTech ECU Through The FT Education Program

Understanding how to properly tune a fuel injected vehicle seems like a fairly daunting task to the majority of DIY racers, but it doesn’t have to be. FuelTech already offers user-friendly ECUs and is now making learning how to tune them even easier with the FT Education program. This class offered by FuelTech covers the basics of fuel injection, tuning, and how to use a FuelTech ECU.

About six years ago FuelTech introduced the FT Education learning program in its home country of Brazil — the program grew in popularity quickly so it was expanded to other parts of Brazil and eventually other countries in South America. FuelTech expanded the program to the United States in 2019 and offers the class out of its facility in Georgia.

FuelTech Chief Technical Officer Luis De Leon is part of the team that facilitates the FT Education program in the United States. De Leon explains what FuelTech’s goals are with the class and what students will learn.

“The main goal is to teach the end-user how to use a FuelTech system as a tool at its fullest potential. We focus on the ECU, but also cover any other product that can be used with our ECU product line. The secondary goal is to share our experience with the user on different combinations so they not only understand how to use FuelTech products, but they also get some real-world experience. They learn the basics of how stuff works, like injectors, fuel pumps, ignition devices, plus we cover how to wire all of these parts properly. We also teach the students how to understand what a sensor is trying to tell you and how you should use an actuator to the maximum performance of a vehicle. ”

FuelTech has designed the FT Education program so that it’s message is universal and will help any student learn something. The class structure allows instructors to also provide specific lessons based on what students are looking to learn to ensure they get the most out of the class.

“The program helps people to use all the capabilities of our product line and to learn from data that usually not many people share. Having so many racers as partners allows us to use record-breaking data to show how things can be done to achieve the result that you want. We don’t just go over some theories in the class, we use practical results as guidelines that students can apply to their own cars,” De Leon explains.

If you’re interested in the FT Education program click here to see class availability.

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