MMR Finishing Up A New Small Tire Mustang

MMR Finishing Up A New Small Tire Mustang

Mark Luton and the team at Modular Motorsports Racing (MMR) have been on the leading edge of Coyote-based performance both on and off the track since the introduction of the engine platform by Ford. The Gen X engines the company has developed own many records through the incredible horsepower they produce. Now, MMR is putting the finishing touches on a sinister-looking 2017 Mustang that will have Gen X power and compete in multiple classes, including some no-prep events.

Over the years, MMR has competed in a number of classes on both big and small tires, so it has a firm grasp on how to go fast on any type of track prep. This Mustang has been a multi-year project, so the direction has changed slightly during the development process. With no-prep racing continuing to grow in popularity, Luton decided it was time for MMR to get in on the action.

“The publicity is really what turned us on to taking this car no-prep racing. Obviously, the media environment is ever-changing, and from an advertising standpoint, there are only a few places that we feel are effective in getting us a good bang for our buck with our money. This car has been in the works for over three years now and with the amount of attention the No Prep Kings series has been getting it made sense to try our hand at it,” Luton says.

MMR has done the majority of the chassis work on the Mustang in stages at its shop. Powering the Mustang will be a 351 cubic-inch tall deck version of the MMR Gen X Coyote-based engine. Providing the boost to the mill will be a pair of 88mm Garrett turbos through a custom turbo kit that MMR fabricated. Behind the boosted engine will be an M&M Transmission and torque converter.

This Mustang will be used as a testbed for MMR products just like the rest of the race cars that are campaigned by the company. Since the engine is nearly identical to what’s between the fenders of MMR’s Pro Mods, it will allow the company to try new ideas at a faster pace than before. Luton even eluded to the fact that MMR’s new billet cylinder heads might be tested on this car first before they are used on the Pro Mods.

Luton has been speaking with local racers who have traveled with the NPK series to get a better idea of what it takes to compete at the events; the ultimate goal is to get this Mustang on the show to race against the best while showing what the Gen X engine platform can do.

“After talking with a few teams we’ve learned it’s hard to get on the show — you just don’t show up and make it on TV. The producers are happy with their current roster so just running well during the open session won’t do it. The car is only a portion of what they’re looking for. We hope the car will do well and they like what they see so we have an opportunity to be on the show. As for other races, we’re not sure of the exact schedule as to how it will work with the Pro Mod cars. We’re not sure if it will go in the trailer with those cars or if we’re going to run it around the country in a separate rig to different races,” Luton explains.

What makes this Mustang so unique is the fact it’s truly a Swiss Army Knife when it comes to what classes it can run. MMR has built the car in a way that it can compete in multiple classes on several different sized tires.

“The car has small tires on it now, but it’s actually set up to run any size tire we want — it will even run our Pro Mod tires. We plan on bringing it out on a small tire to start with and see where things go from there when it comes to no-prep racing. We know we want to do some Outlaw 10.5 racing with it because it can run in that class, too. The car has a full steel body, so it’s legal for NPK, Outlaw 10.5, and other classes. The car also fits into some radial classes and we haven’t ruled out running the car on a radial yet either,” Luton says.

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