NHRA TV coverage


I don’t have cable so I’ve purchased the NHRA live tv for the last three years. I’ve watched live a fair amount, but not enough to continue due to the price and the fact that there are so many issues with it. Instead I purchased Sling TV which allows me not only to watch NHRA on FS1, but also Discovery ID, one of my favorite channels that I miss, along with a few other channels I like. I feel I get more out of my dollar that way.

I’ve heard [NHRA.tv](https://nhra.tv/) was shit yesterday for viewing, and shit today for hearing – another year another bad start. I don’t know if that is true. Someone let me know.

What really pissed me off was the fact that we either had to go to [NHRA.tv](https://nhra.tv/) to see the 2nd round of qualifying for Top Fuel or Fox Sports Ap. They can’t broadcast a fucking basketball game late, but we have waited for NHRA racing for how many things? I think women’s water polo kept us late once. I went to Fox Sports Ap and you have to enter a cable provider and info to get access. NHRA has shut down the ability for anyone who has cut the cord to get a complete TV experience unless you buy [NHRA.tv](https://nhra.tv/). And [NHRA.tv](https://nhra.tv/) is shitty.



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