The FST Carburetors Billet Excess Pro Carburetor

The FST Carburetors Billet Excess Pro Carburetor

A carburetor has the important role of mixing air and fuel together as it enters a high-performance engine, but the carburetor’s duties go beyond that — it must also have plenty of adjustments that hold true to make sure the engine it’s resting on top of stays in tune at all times. FST Carburetors‘ Billet Excess Pro series of carburetors are designed to provide serious performance and accurate tuning all in one product.

The Billet Excess Pro series is designed to fit a 4500-style intake and is available in sizes from 1050 all the way to 1450 cfm. Each carburetor is ready to go out of the box and has been CNC’d from high-quality billet stock to provide the best fit and finish possible. For specific applications, FST also offers custom throttle bore sizes of 2.300-, 2.325-, 2.350-, 2.400-, and 2.500-inch.

To enhance the tuning capabilities of the Billet Excess Pro series, FST includes its high-performance Pro-Billet metering blocks in two, three, and four circuit configurations. These Pro-Billet metering blocks can handle various fuels while offering five stages of emulsion to provide a wide tuning window for your specific engine. Another great feature of the Billet Excess Pro carburetor is the fuel bowl options that are available from FST; you can select the standard high capacity two-port fuel bowls, or you can step up to the three-port Viper fuel bowls that provide even more fuel capacity. The Billet Excess Pro carburetors also come with a mechanical secondary standard.

To learn more about these carburetors make sure you check out the FST website right here.

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