TITAN Offers High-Capacity Tank For 2013-2020 Dodge Ram Crew Cab

TITAN Offers High-Capacity Tank For 2013-2020 Dodge Ram Crew Cab

For those seeking more fuel capacity in their Dodge Ram pickup, TITAN Fuel Tanks has just released a brand new 52-gallon, direct-replacement tank. Designed for the 2013-2020 Crew Cab trucks with a short bed, this tank offers TITAN’s customers simple installation and total peace of mind.

“A tank for the short-bed Ram trucks has been the most-demanded tank in our company’s history. Until recently, it wasn’t possible to design a tank that was much larger than the stock tank. But, thanks to new technology and advanced engineering techniques, we are now able to offer the first extra-large tank available for the trucks,” states Ken Anderson, general manager at TITAN Fuel Tanks.

This new military-grade tank is made from cross-link polyethylene, which means it will not suffer from rusting or corrosion. Additionally, it’s the only XXL fuel tank covered by a lifetime warranty.  With features such as an exclusive low-fuel-trap design, galvanized steel mounting straps, rollover safety-vent valves, TITAN’s Torque Ring sending mount, and shock-absorbing mounting bushings, there are quite a few reasons to look further into this intriguing new design. 

By utilizing free space underneath the truck, this design offers nearly twice the capacity of the stock tank but fits in the factory location without any alteration.

Its design also makes it incredibly easy to install. “Though it has nearly twice the capacity of the stock tank, it’s shaped so that there is no need to remove, relocate, cut, or fabricate anything,” says Mike DeFord, TITAN’s business development manager.

“The cross-link polymer we use is tougher than metal, and it’s that — plus the great attention to detail and engineering — which enables us to offer a lifetime warranty,” DeFord adds.

Long journeys and headache-free ownership can be enjoyed with this new tank. For more information, you can visit TITAN’s website here.

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