US Gear’s Stealth Series Is A Ground-Up Gear Redesign

US Gear's Stealth Series Is A Ground-Up Gear Redesign

US Gear made a splash at last year’s SEMA Show as it launched its new Stealth series of ring and pinion gears, earning a top three finish in SEMA’s “Best New Performance Street Product 2020” award category in doing so.

US Gear, among the industry leaders in gear development and manufacturing, went back to the drawing board with its Stealth line, redesigning its existing products from the ground up. Using advanced gear-cutting technology known as face-hobbing, it created more consistent cuts on each and every gear. US Gear improved tooth-to-tooth contact in doing so, as the ‘heel” and “toe” of each tooth is the same height, resulting in more consistent contact and a wider gear pattern. One of the direct results of those efforts is an overall quieter gear, which was confirmed through testing on an axle dyno.

US Gear initially launched the Stealth line with Dana 60 street and pro gears and the Ford Super IRS 8.8-inch, before adding the venerable and popular 9-inch to the mix.

“We started with a clean slate at our R&D facility in Chicago, and used new technology to cut the gears, resulting in a quieter rearend,” explained US Gears’ Tommy DeWildt at the unveiling at SEMA. “We’ve been in business for more than 50 years, and we brought all that expertise to the party. We worked with Strange, Moser, Quick Performance, and GearFX axle manufactures to validate the new rearend and make sure it integrates seamlessly.”

The Stealth series of gears can be optioned with US Gears’ Lightning super-finish, or Isotropic Superfinishing, which creates a more durable and higher-performing part.

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