10 Awesome Must-See Drag Cars!

10 Awesome Must-See Drag Cars!

Stuck at home and looking for a great read — or a few great reads? DRAGZINE is drag racing’s leading source of in-depth car features and racecar builds, and to keep you occupied or perhaps even provide inspiration for your own projects during this ordeal, we’ve compiled ten of our favorites for your viewing pleasure. These are shown in no particular order, because let’s be honest, how could we possibly rank them anyway?

Chris Rankin’s ’87 Chrysler Conquest

If you’re a fan of the Street Outlaws franchise, you’ve probably seen Chris and his Conquest in action; not only is this car truly unique in and of itself, but its twin-turbocharged LS engine is plenty potent, making this one of the most incredible machines we’ve ever seen! See it HERE.

Rick Jones Reunited With, Restores His First Racecar

More than just a cool car, this is an amazing story of how world-renowned chassis builder and Pro Stock champion crew chief Rick Jones was reunited with the ’69 Camaro that he had given up 32 years prior to found his business. Jones has restored the car to modern specs for he and his family to enjoy. Read the full story HERE.

The World’s Quickest Lincoln Continental Mark III

Talk about awesome — Texan Mark Davis built one of the all-time-great ‘sleepers’ with this beastly ’69 Continental that weighs in at over 5,000-pounds, has been in the 10’s, and, if he his way, will soon click off a run in the 9’s. With factory turbine hubcaps, white-wall tires, and the full factory interior, you’d never know there’s a 612-inch BBF under there ready to rip your heart out. Read all about out HERE!

Ryan Saiki’s Gorgeous Street-Legal First-Gen

One of the finest street/strip ’68 Camaros in all the land, Ryan Saiki has been everywhere in his beauty — he’s completed Drag Week, and even clicked off a bunch of runs in 8-second zone. Saiki’s rocking a twin-turbo setup nowadays, but at the time the Camaro sported as nitrous big-block. Check out this stunner HERE!

The Patina Pro Mod

In a world of Chevrolet Camaro bodies of varying generations, Chuck Weck is the exception to the rule — Weck has built an awesome-looking 1959 Chrysler DeSoto-bodied machine and finished it off with an eye-catching, weathered patina look. See the details on this one-of-a-kind ride HERE.

All-Wheel-Drive Insanity From Russia

This build is still so wild that we have a hard time believing they pulled it off, but alas, they did. Sergey Savinov took engine-swapping to the extreme, sourcing a Pro Line 481X engine from the U.S., swapping it into a Nissan GTR, and configuring it for all-wheel-drive operation. Some impressive engineering here. Check it out HERE.

The ManVan

Unless you;’ve been hiding under a rock for eight years, we don’t need to introduce Shawn “Murder Nova” Ellington. In addition to the Chevrolet Nova made famous on Street Outlaws, Ellington also has a 9-second Chevy Trailblazer SS that makes a whopping 1,100 horsepower! Read about and see it in action HERE!

The World’s Baddest Caddy

Larry Larson, his hand forced by no-prep rulesmakers, assembled a season ago one of the most well-throught-out racecars ever built, using all original Cadillac ATS-V body panels from nose to tail and instituting a number of time-consuming tricks (you won’t see a single window screw or dzus tab visible on the car, for example) to create a true stunner. See it in all its glory HERE!

The World’s Most Powerful Pontiac

Georgia’s Tommy Youmans is as died-in-the-wool of a Pontiac man as they come, boasting an array of classic and rare Poncho’s in his collection — but the most impressive is his 3.9-second, 1970 GTO powered by a 3,500 horsepower, 505-inch , twin-turbo Pontiac engine. See Tommy’s amazing machine HERE.

GM And Mopar World’s Collide

You’d be hard-pressed to find a group more passionate — and more protective of its iron– than the Mopar faithful. You just don’t go shoving a late-model GM engine into a classic Chrysler product. But that’s exactly what Chris Asimopoulos did with his Plymouth Duster, as he put a cammed-up 5.3-liter LS with a turbo between the fenders. Read all about it HERE!

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