Cody Phillips Is Chasing The First 6-Second IRS Supra Pass At TX2K20

Cody Phillips Is Chasing The First 6-Second IRS Supra Pass At TX2K20

TX2K brings out big performances from racers each and every year, as it attracts many of the fastest street cars in the world. Records always seem to fall at the event and this year a group of Supra racers are each trying to become the first to record a 6-second pass using an independent rear suspension (IRS). Cody Phillips is part of that contingent of racers and he’s put a lot of effort into getting his Supra ready for TX2K20.

The hype around the first 6-second IRS Supra pass being made at TX2K20 has been growing for several months and has reached a fever pitch as the event draws closer. There are five racers vying to be the first to run in the 6-second zone, and Phillips is high on that list.

“I’ve been involved with TX2K and racing a Supra since 2002, I’ve gone as quick as a 7.20 at 198 mph with this particular car. It’s a 1994 Supra with a 2JZ billet 3.2-liter setup from Titan Motorsports. We’re switching turbos this year to a 98mm Pro Mod unit from Precision Turbo & Engine. Horsepower-wise, it should make around 2,000 horsepower when it’s turned all the way up,” Phillips says.

Besides adding a new turbo to the mix, Phillips has made some other changes to his Supra to help him reach the sixes. The gearset inside the M&M Transmission has been revised and he’s switched to a different torque converter. The engine has been refreshed, plus the cylinder head has been improved, a camshaft upgrade has been made, and Phillips also changed the valve and valve spring combination.

Racing in the 2JZ class and trying to set the record will make things more challenging for Phillips at TX2K20. Many cars in the class will be using a four-link suspension and that gives them an advantage over the IRS racers. According to Phillips, there’s a good reason why nobody has dipped into the 6-second range with an IRS Supra — it’s just not easy at all.

“The stigma with the Supra is that it’s an expensive car, so most guys that own them don’t want to cut them and turn them into a race car. A lot of the cars chasing the record still have steel doors and a lot of other OEM parts still on the car…heck, my car is 3,200-pounds with me in it. The engine makes plenty of power, but the suspension just limits us on how quick we can go. It just makes going fast a real challenge, but that also makes it fun to do it with a car that is at full weight with the stock IRS suspension,” Phillips explains.

There’s a lot of money on the line if someone can rip off a 6-second pass at TX2K20; right now, there’s a private fund going between the racers that’s reached $5,000. That racer could also score an additional $10,000 if they can win the 2JZ class, as well, so it could be a very lucrative weekend for someone.

“Everyone remembers the first guy to break a record, so that’s a big deal. The person who does it at TX2K with the bounty will really cement their place in history. Tony Phillips set the IRS record with a 7.09 at the World Cup and another racer went 7.12, so that proven to us it’s possible to run a 6-second pass. That has just added to the hype of everyone trying to chase that number, and TX2K is the first big race where it could happen,” Phillips says.

You can see Cody Phillips and the other Supra racers chase history at TX2K20 March 11-15 at Houston Raceway Park. SpeedVideo will be live during the entire event so you can watch it all unfold RIGHT HERE when racing begins. This broadcast is brought to you by presenting sponsor Edelbrock Performance along with Forgeline Wheels, Fuel Air Spark Technology, Whipple Superchargers, Late Model Engines, GForce Performance Engineering, Flying A Motorsports, MAHLE Motorsports, and DeatschWerks.

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