Cool Your Fuel With Moroso’s Super Cool Can

Cool Your Fuel With Moroso's Super Cool Can

Drag racers are constantly searching for ways to unlock the hidden horsepower their engine can produce. If you’re one of the racers that’s out there mining for horsepower, finding a way to keep your fuel cool is a diamond in the rough that should be looked at. Moroso makes it easy to keep fuel cool with its new and improved Super Cool Can.

The temperature of gasoline has an impact on how much power an engine will produce. When your fuel is at a lower temperature it will have a higher density level, this allows more to enter the combustion chamber. This increased amount of fuel inside the cylinder will allow for more combustion in the chamber, thus creating more horsepower. Having fuel stay at a lower temperature also will prevent it from moving to a vapor state inside the fuel lines before it enters the engine.

When Moroso decided to bring back the Super Cool Can there was a list of improvements on the drawing board it wanted to implement. The new shell of the Super Cool Can is made of Polyethylene — this provides a higher insulating value, allowing the ice inside to last longer. This new shell works with a heat-sink to reduce overall fuel temperatures by 20-percent over other cool cans. The Super Cool Can has an NHRA-approved mounting system and it will hold a 1/2-quart of fuel.

Thor Schroeder from Moroso explains why the company decided to release this new version of the Super Cool Can.

“We here at Moroso are very excited with the Super Cool Can (Part # 65127) because it’s a new and improved version of the popular Super Cool Can (Part # 65125) that we discontinued a couple of years ago. The reason we discontinued the original Super Cool Can was we felt the concept needed an update, namely being able to work with fuel injection. This new can has stronger internals to handle the higher pressures of fuel injection, plus it now has -8 AN inlet and outlet fittings. The new Super Cool Can also matches today’s trends better with an outer body that’s black instead of blue.”

Get all the information on the new Super Cool Can right here on Moroso’s website.

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