FST Carburetors Is Delivering A New Take On An Old Classic

FST Carburetors Is Delivering A New Take On An Old Classic

Although EFI seems to be what enthusiasts are talking about these days, maybe it’s time to take another look at carburetion. On that front, the folks at FST Carburetors are taking an aggressive stance. The company’s bets price-point units — the RT and RT Plus feature a vacuum-cast body with pressure-forged metering blocks and throttle bases. Depending on your needs, the carbs are available in either vacuum- or mechanical-secondary versions.

The base-level RT carbs can be had with either side- or center-hung floats. The center-hung versions come with four-corner idle adjustability while the side-hung bowl carbs are more affordable and outfitted with two idle mixture adjusters. What’s more, every FST carb comes with stainless-steel throttle shafts and linkage components.

The RT Plus Series carburetors combine the durability of a pressure forged carburetor with the performance of pressure-forged metering blocks and bases. They are ideal for the weekend warrior who wants reliability and performance.

The RT Plus-series carburetors are designed to combine the same affordability of the RT series but are calibrated for those dabbling in the higher performance end of those with modified streetcars. The RT Plus series comes with black electroplated pressure-forged metering blocks and throttle bodies for a more aggressive appearance. They also come with a Ford transmission kickdown lever and necessary components. Additionally, each FST 4150 carburetor comes equipped with a universal throttle lever with mounting holes compatible with a GM 700R4 transmission.

With so many choices in CFM sizes available, as well as mechanical or vacuum secondary options, FST Carburetors has the perfect carburetor that is an ideal fit for your hot rod. For true believers in carburetion, these new fuel mixers from FST are sure to be the shining star on top of your engine.

All FST carburetors use stainless-steel throttle linkage with Teflon seals. The company also added the extended location off the linkage to mount the stud for the throttle valve (TV) cable for mechanical overdrive transmissions like the GM 200R4 and 700R4. Also, the throttle linkage hole is 1/4-inch, so a reducer adapter is not necessary.

RT Plus Series: Cast body, electroplated and pressure-forged metering blocks and base, Great for the weekend warrior. Delivers on and off-track reliability.

CFM Range: 600 to 750
Main Body: Cast aluminum
Secondary: Vacuum or Mechanical
Metering Block: Black Electroplated Pressure Forged
Base Plate: Black Electroplated Pressure Forged
Float: Center Hung
Choke: Electric or Manual
Four Corner Idle: Yes
Fuel Bowl: Cast Two Port

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