Induction Solutions Puts Fire In The Pipes Of Its ‘Silver Mullet’

Induction Solutions Puts Fire In The Pipes Of Its 'Silver Mullet'

It’s been a while since we’ve had an update from the crew at Induction Solutions on its ‘Silver Mullet’ Camaro testbed, so when we heard the crew was getting the car fired up, we took a ride up to Spring Hill, Florida to get the latest news on the company’s long-term project.

Induction Solutions’ Steve Johnson and his team faced a series of delays in reaching this point, between working around its busy schedule at the shop and having the car wired by an outside contractor“We were going to wire the car in house but we had Mark [Irving] do it for us, figuring we would let some people do what they do best. There were doubts sometimes where we didn’t know if this day would get here — it’s been a long process and thanks to a lot of hard work and help from a lot of people, it’s all coming together. We were happy to work with Mark on that project, with Rhodes Custom Auto, BES, and everyone else involved getting this project together,” Johnson says.

An Induction Solution’s Nitrous Power Controller will be used to manage up to 800 additional horsepower from an X275-style direct-port nitrous, or plate-type, nitrous system. An MSD Ignition Power Grid System Controller will be used and connected via a Speedwire Systems Control Board and Switch Panel while RacePak dashboard allows the driver to see selectable data points on screen and multi-channel data acquisition.

The BES-built Chevy big-block displaces 588 cubic inches and features a Brodix block filled with goodies from Callies, Oliver, Diamond Pistons, and Total Seal. The heads are a prototype design that combine the Headhunter and BB3X Oval series heads and CNC-ported by MBE. Topping off the long block is an Edelbrock Super Victor II intake and Holley Gen 3 1250 Dominator prepped by Jon Bitler from IRD Racing Carburetors. The car will also feature the Induction Solutions ‘Mist A Fire’ Direct Port Water Injection System to assist with keeping cylinder temperatures down under heavy nitrous use.

Underneath you can see the Moroso split oil pan, Ultimate Converter Concepts billet bolt-together converter, extensive roll cage, and the PST carbon-fiber driveshaft. Out back is the Racecraft Inc. rearend housing and suspension, along with the Santhuff’s shocks set up by Ron Galbreath.

Steve spent the better part of last weekend going over the Fragola fuel fittings and final assembly of the fuel system with the fire sleeving before the initial start-up of the car. Once the Camaro is sorted and making laps, the IS team will train on the systems and it will be used as a testbed with a full compliment of data acquisition sensors to monitor all aspects of the nitrous and fuel systems under race conditions.

“The car will be used as a learning and teaching tool for the employees; being available to work hands-on with the products will help them better understand the systems we often help customers troubleshoot, said Matt Snow-Johnson said. “It will also allow them to see the results and functionality of changes made to the setup, in real-time, in the field. I think this will help our tech support team get further insight to assist customers with questions, especially setting up baseline settings and accessing the various menus in the nitrous controller, Racepak, and MSD Grid systems.”

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