Keith Haney Walks Away From Bradenton Crash

Keith Haney Walks Away From Bradenton Crash

A Pro Modified car is one of the most difficult to drive in all of drag racing — it’s an over-powered machine with a mind of its own. As a veteran doorslammer racer, Keith Haney knows exactly what these cars can do and how quickly things can go south. At the NMCA Muscle Car Mayhem event Sunday, Haney went for a scary ride that ended with his Black Mamba Camaro on its roof at the top end of the track.

Haney announced last week that he was making the trip to Bradenton Motorsports Park to kick off his 2020 racing season. Last year, Haney unveiled the Jerry Bickel Race Cars-built Camaro last summer, featuring a 959 cubic-inch engine from Pat Musi with a nitrous system from Switzer Dynamics.

During the 2019 season, Haney entered the car in just three races, so his goal coming to Muscle Car Mayhem was to get the car further dialed in. As the race weekend progressed Haney and his team put up some impressive numbers as they got a feel for what the car liked. In the final qualifying session, Haney ran a personal best elapsed time of 3.69-seconds at over 205 mph, which landed him in the second qualifying spot for eliminations on Sunday.

On raceday, Haney’s great performance on the track continued and earned him a birth in the semi-final round. There, Haney was racing hard for the win when his Camaro made a move toward the centerline before darting back toward the left and hitting the wall. The car rolled over and slid on its roof well into the shutdown area in a ball of flames, but thankfully, Haney’s safety gear did its job and he crawled out of the car on his own without any serious injuries.

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