Nitrous Express Introduces Holley Hi-Ram Nitrous Plate

Nitrous Express Introduces Holley Hi-Ram Nitrous Plate


Even though nitrous has been around for some time, companies like Nitrous Express (NX) keep pushing the bar creating new and exciting products. One of their latest to hit the market is a plate system for the Holly Hi-Ram intake manifold.

If you’re running a Holley Hi-Ram on your vehicle and thinking you need some additional power, this system is a perfect fit. Their new hi-tech nitrous plate is designed exclusively for the Holley intake, making the installation clean and simple.

NX’s new plate discharges nitrous and fuel into each intake runner of the manifold providing direct port distribution without the headache of an eight nozzle nitrous system. The two-piece plate is produced in the USA and made out of billet aluminum. Due to its advanced design, it doesn’t have any airflow restriction that is commonly seen with other traditional nozzles or spray bars. With this design, you no longer need to worry about spray bars turning or breaking since the nitrous and fuel passages are machined directly into the body of the nitrous plate.

The NX Hi-Ram plate system comes standard as a single-stage setup with jetting from 50 to 400horsepower, and these power numbers are rated at the rear wheels. It also includes Nitrous Express’ billet aluminum and carbon fiber Lightning Solenoids, stainless steel braided lines, wiring, switches, and all of the hardware needed to install the system. You also have the option to order the Hi-Ram nitrous system with a 10 or 15-pound nitrous bottle or no bottle at all in case you already have one.

If you order the system with a bottle, it will include the new billet aluminum Lightning 500 bottle valve and stainless bottle brackets. The Lightning 500 valve features a 5/8-inch siphon tube, a .500 lift stem assembly, and a 45-degree outlet for the ultimate flow. The custom valve includes dual gauge ports and a bottle nipple.

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