Nitrous Outlet Introduces the Weekend Warrior Nitrous Plate System

Nitrous Outlet Introduces the Weekend Warrior Nitrous Plate System

If you have never run a nitrous plate system on a car, you’re missing out because there is nothing like it. When the system is activated, it’s comparable to the story of Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde. What was once a mild-mannered street machine is now an all-out terror. The engine changes tunes, power multiplies, and even a mild built car becomes an animal. 

One of the problems with a plate system in the past is distribution. Certain intakes require a specific style plate system. The new X-Series Weekend Warrior from Nitrous Outlet takes care of this age-old problem with a unique design. Dave Vasser, the owner of Nitrous Outlet, explains, “Our X-Series Weekend Warrior 4150 Plate System provides a max flow of 350 horsepower and is designed to work with a wide

range of single and dual plane intake manifolds. The feed channel and discharge ports are designed to eliminate delivery pattern issues that other billet and spray bar type plates have. The discharge angle allows the nitrous to flow downwards into the intake plenum to prevent interrupting airflow. However, this downward discharge angle is not aggressive enough to create uneven cylinder distribution on intakes with a short distance from the top of the intake runner to the carburetor flange. We know this system is exactly what the carbureted racer needs to close the gap and dominate the class.” While this system was designed with a carbureted engine in mind, it would also work on EFI intakes with a 4150 flange.

The Weekend Warrior nitrous plate has a single discharge pattern that sprays from the center out across the plenum. This plate is machined out of 6061 billet aluminum and measures .750-inch thick with a discharge location .500-inch above the intake flange. This new system is adjustable from 50-350 horsepower with a max flow of 1,260 pounds per hour (PPH). The plate has 20 discharge ports (10 for fuel and 10 for nitrous) positioned for optimum atomization that allows the engine’s vacuum to pull the nitrous and fuel mixture into each runner. 

The Weekend Warrior system includes:

  • 4150 Flange Wet Nitrous Plate Kit
  • .122-inch Nitrous and .177-inch Fuel Solenoids
  • Universal Solenoid Brackets and Braided Stainless Hose
  • Includes Gasket and Hardware
  • Nitrous Jetting for 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, and 350 Horsepower
  • Fuel Jetting for Gas and E85 for 5, 7, 10, 45, and 55psi
  • 10 or 15-pound bottle or can be ordered without a bottle

For more information about the X-Series Weekend Warrior Plate System and other Nitrous Outlet products, visit

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