Rat Trap Racing Announces New Sponsorship From ARP

Rat Trap Racing Announces New Sponsorship From ARP

Ron Hope owner and driver of the legendary AA/Fuel Altered Rat Trap has announced a new sponsorship relationship with ARP Automotive Racing Products.

“Rat Trap Racing has been using ARP Automotive Racing Products for years.” Said Hope. “ARP has supported us in the past with product, however, we have reached an agreement whereby ARP will become even more involved with RatTrapRacing.com.”

ARP, the world leader in fastener technology, was formed in 1968 by racing enthusiast Gary Holzapfel who saw that fastener failure was the cause of many of his friends’ broken engines. At the time, there were no commercially available studs and bolts up to the task. Holzapfel therefore called upon his many years as a leading aerospace fastener subcontractor to form ARP® (Automotive Racing Products).

“This is a hugely exciting for Rat Trap Racing.” Said Hope’s son Brian who is crew chief and part-time driver of both Rat Trap and Rich Guasco’s Pure Hell AA/FA. “Our use of ARP fasteners has grown steadily and we shall be installing ARP equipment exclusively on Rat Trap and the four land speed cars.”

Bob Florine, executive vice president and director of sales and marketing at ARP said, “I’ve been watching the Rat Trap team for years now and with their aggressive international race schedule it seemed only natural that we work together as they travel the world and promote our products.”

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