RPM Motorsports Puts 10L90 In The 8s With Circle-D Specialties

RPM Motorsports Puts 10L90 In The 8s With Circle-D Specialties

If you’re wondering how fast a 10L90 transmission can go, look no further than RPM Motorsports’ 2017 A10 Camaro ZL1, know as Frostbite. This car recently went a blistering time of 8.65 in the 1/4-mile at 160.54 mph. The vehicle has a host of go-fast goodies from companies like ProChargerLingenfelter Performance EngineeringLate Model EnginesCrawford Racing, LLCTK PerformanceFore Innovations, LLC, and you guessed it, Circle-D Specialties. This 8-second Camaro utilizes at TK Performance built 10L90 transmission, and the ZL1 still has all of the creature comforts from the factory. 

If you are trying to get the most out of your A10, no matter if the car is stock or modified, an aftermarket converter is a must. The OEM converter is only good for one thing, fuel mileage. 

The latest product to come out of the Circle-D stable is a new torque converter for the GM 10-speed transmissions, which is being used in project Frostbite. This converter is based on the original factory converter paired with Circle-D’s CNC’ed billet stator with exclusive impeller modifications. They offer several configurations to accommodate a wide variety of engines, power-adders, and vehicle setups that will retain your car’s street manners.   

The Circle-D 10L90 converter features:

  • CFD Designed 5th Axis CNC Machined Billet Stator
  • Hand TIG Welding Throughout
  • Impeller Fin Recalibration
  • Custom CDS Internal Clearances
  • Torrington Style Bearings

Circle-D Specialties offers multiple applications for GM, Dodge, and Ford vehicles for 2-10-speed transmissions. The company even uses a state of the art design program with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and continues to push the limits on convertor design. 

We are working on a full feature for project Frostbite to get you all of the details on this killer combination car. In the meantime, if you need more information on Circle-D Specialties torque converters and products, you can visit their website or give them a call.

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