Sneak Peek: Street Outlaws Fastest In America

Sneak Peek: Street Outlaws Fastest In America

JJ flips a coin to determine which city has first choice of lane.

Following the biggest street race in history that saw JJ Da Boss and his ruthless team from Memphis Street Outlaws down teams from all corners of the nation — including Kye Kelley and his gang from New Orleans in the winner-take-all Street Outlaws: Fastest in America finale — JJ and his team gather all of the teams to discuss the aftermath.

But when word gets out, racers from all over the U.S. – including California, Virginia, Ohio and New York – show up in Memphis looking to prove that they are the Fastest in America. Heavy-hitters like Kelley, Brian “Chucky” Davis, Birdman, and Mike Murillo are joined by new challengers the likes of “Disco” Dean Karns, California’s Jay Boddie, New York’s Petey Small Block, and others to challenge Memphis’ street racing superiority. If JJ can pull it off, the next epic street battle will be even bigger with more teams, more races, and another record-breaking purse!

Aftermath premieres tonight on the Discovery Channel at 8 p.m. ET.

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