SpeedVideo Launches Four New Drag Racing-Focused Shows

SpeedVideo Launches Four New Drag Racing-Focused Shows

If you’re hungry for drag racing and high-performance automotive content during this brief hiatus from racing, SpeedVideo.com has you covered with the announcement of an all-new series of programs geared to the world of straight-line acceleration contests. With a cast of characters and experts the likes Chad Reynolds, Drag Illustrated’s Wes Buck, veteran journalist Mike Galimi, rising street-car star Alex Taylor, and Street Outlaws’ Kayla Morton in the lineup, there will be no shortage of entertainment, expertise, camaraderie, and highly-engaging conversation with some of the biggest names in drag racing.

SpeedVideo will air four shows — BURNOUT, DRAG RACING FRIEND, TECH INSPECTION, and REWIND — all featuring a unique perspective and take on the sport of drag racing, including conversations with racers, builders, and track operators, no-holds-barred shock-jock banter and verbal fireworks, race recaps, and a deep dive into the technical aspects of our sport. The programs will air weekly over 10 weeks, providing SpeedVideo subscribers with fresh, exciting content each and every week at a time when it’s needed most. That’s 40 episodes in all.

Each month, SpeedVideo will air one episode of its four programs free for non-subscribers, and a host of show content, including highlights and clips, will air on SpeedVideo’s social media platforms, including Facebook and YouTube.

Full episodes will be live on SpeedVideo each week for subscribers!

Season 1 will entail 40 episodes between the four shows over the next three months. We will give fans, drag racers, subscribers, and enthusiasts more fun than they ever imagined. Our mission has and continues to be putting the fan first. The drag racing community is a family and we want to bring our family together with shows, content, and entertainment.

BURNOUT is THE weekly drag racing show – hosted by Drag Illustrated’s WES BUCK and co-starring veteran drag racing journalist Mike Galimi and rising star drag racer Alex Taylor. The show features news, highlights, current events, commentary, opinions, recaps, and a look ahead to the next week. BURNOUT will be a can’t-miss part of your drag racing fix. A collaboration with Wes Buck has been in the works for some time, and we are thrilled to work together on BURNOUT.

DRAG RACING FRIENDS is a rowdy video talk show that hits on all cylinders in the world of drag racing. Chad Reynolds is the ringleader of this circus – a mash-up of the Howard Stern Show, Ridiculousness, and hardcore sports radio. Each week Chad will be joined by his trusty co-host, Street Outlaws star Kayla Morton, and a special guest. You never know what to expect: rivals talking trash, oversized personalities giving no-holds-barred opinions, and general buffoonery. But through it all, no matter how crazy it gets, the friends at DRF know that we all come together to share a love of racing.

TECH INSPECTION is a tech-focused show featuring interesting and educational tech content for drag racers and street/strip enthusiasts. Hosted by Brian Petty, the show will feature a fun, quirky platform to take a deep dive into tech that everyone wants to understand to become a better racer and builder. There are two rules on Tech Inspection: no secrets and get smarter. Topics will include tuning, power adders, drivetrain, chassis setup, engine building and more – spanning the range from beginner to top tuning tactics of the world’s best crew chiefs.

REWIND comes every week with selected and highlighted drag racing clips! With video content curated from SpeedVideo and the web, REWIND brings you highlights from racing events, record-setting runs, crashes, and more! REWIND will feature the winner’s circle’s footage from a recent race, a compilation of records, and major driving saves!

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