Underground Racing’s 230 MPH Lamborghini Huracán

Underground Racing's 230 MPH Lamborghini Huracán

Let’s face it, we live in an era where 1,000 horsepower streetcars are nearly considered normal. If you want to get people’s attention with dyno numbers these days you better bring the heat, and that’s exactly what Underground Racing (UGR) has done. The team at UGR unleashed a 3,500 horsepower Lamborghini Huracán that smashed records at TX2K20 during the Roll Race Nationals.

The Huracán is an all-wheel-drive V10-powered Italian monster that makes over 630 horsepower from the factory. In stock trim, the car is capable of going over 212 mph, which is pretty stout, but for some gearheads, that’s just not enough. For those that want more out of their Huracán, UGR is the answer. The company has turbo systems that will boost the car’s performance from 800 horsepower, all the way to 3,000-plus horsepower. Pro Line Racing does engine modifications for UGR on the more extreme builds, while each turbo kit is built around a pair of Precision turbos.

During TX2K20, UGR co-owner Kevin Howeth jumped behind the wheel of the Drag965 Huracán that his company built when the Roll Race Nationals began. This particular car makes an estimated 3,500 horsepower and will scream to over 10,000 rpm at full rip. When Howeth unleashed the Huracán for the first time at Houston Raceway Park he went for the ride of his life as the car obliterated the TX2K Roll Race Nationals speed record with a 236 mph blast. The car went on to run over 230 mph on each pass during the event on its way to winning the Elite 8 class title.

The footage from SpeedVideo shows Howeth pulling away from a Viper making a 210 mph pass like it’s tied to a tree stump. In the highlight video from our friends at 1320Video you get a sense of just how gnarly this car is from Howeth’s reaction at the 8:00 minute mark.

Photo provided by 1320Video

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