Back-To-Back Comparison Of How The Davis Profiler Works

Back-To-Back Comparison Of How The Davis Profiler Works

Much has been said, published, and preached on the virtues of Davis Technologies’ Profiler unit — a wheel-speed management device that literally changed the game in drag racing when it was released a number of years ago. While the data that’s been shared over the years gives some great insight into how the Profiler works in practice, a story is best told both visually and audibly, and that’s one not always easily told when working with racecars that have adequate traction and are making only very minute wheel-speed corrections. You can’t always hear it, nor can you see it. And that’s why this video is such a powerful marketing and educational tool.

Adam Hodson and Nick Taylor, who make up Mid America Kustomz in Indiana — and who [shameless plug] will be part of this year’s Horsepower Wars $10K Drag Shootout — took their turbocharged Camaro out on a nearby country road last summer to dial-in the machine for some no-prep drag racing. By making runs back-to-back on a dicey piece of asphalt, you can witness in all its glory what the Profiler is capable of. On his first hit, Hodson’s Camaro totally blows the tires off as the boost ramps in, briefly throwing up dirt as it sashays off the road and out of shape. Then, without making any other changes, the team turns on the Profiler and plots out a “tight” curve — tight, meaning the timing is adjusted by very small fluctuations in wheel-speed, thus quickly pulling power and never really allowing the car to spin the tires. While that’s a good thing from a drivability standpoint, it kills some elapsed time, and Hodson and Taylor later note they’d prefer a little more wheel-speed than is seen here. Utilizing the device’s incredible speed and accuracy and its own self-learning ability — all of which happens in milliseconds — the Camaro blasts its way to the cow pasture without a hiccup. And just like that, you can see how well a well-set-up Profiler can function, and simply how fast it is that it never allows a car with entirely too much power and far too little traction never event hint at spinning the tires.

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