Lunati Introduces High-Performance Gen V Crankshafts

Lunati Introduces High-Performance Gen V Crankshafts

The LS platform may still be the king of the swap world, but the LT’s are starting to pick up some steam. We see more and more being built in new cars and used in engine swaps. Companies like Lunati have recognized the popularity of these newer models and are making stronger, more robust parts for the direct-injected engine.

Lunati® GM Gen V Crankshafts 

The latest aftermarket part from Lunati, for the LT engine, is a new Gen V (LT1, L83, L86) crankshaft. These cranks increase engine stroke, which in turn raises displacement, for added horsepower and torque. The cranks are available in a 4.000-inch or 4.125-inch stroke in a long or short snout configuration. The long snout is for use on 2014 Corvettes with the LT1 6.2-liter powerplant with a dry-sump (Z51) oiling system. The short snout cranks are for use in Corvettes without the Z51 package, including the 2014 Chevrolet and GMC trucks with the L86 and L83 engines.

The new Lunati GEN V crankshafts offer a contoured wing that reduces oil windage. This in return regains horsepower taken by parasitic losses. These cranks are nitrided and equipped with micro-polished journals to improve lubrication, strength, and durability for high-performance applications. The gun-drilled cranks have a reduced weight, and the angled-rod lightening holes reduce rotating inertia for maximum horsepower potential. The Gen V crankshafts are proven to withstand over 1,500 horsepower effortlessly.

Part Numbers:

#61540001 – 4.000″ Stroke (Long Snout)

#61541251 – 4.125″ Stroke (Long Snout)

#65540001 – 4.000″ Stroke (Short Snout)

#65541251 – 4.125″ Stroke (Short Snout)

  • Stroke: 4.000″
  • Main Bearing O.D.: 2.559″
  • Rod Journal O.D.: 2.100″
  • Minimum Rod Length: 6.125″
  • Rod Journal Width: 1.900″
  • Connecting Rod: LT Rod
  • 58 Tooth Reluctor
  • All Lunati crankshafts MUST use narrow or chamfered main & rod bearings.

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