Fill ‘Er Up! TITAN Fuel Tanks Covers All Of Your Fueling Needs

Fill 'Er Up! TITAN Fuel Tanks Covers All Of Your Fueling Needs

There are countless products in the motorsports universe that were developed because of a need that had to be fulfilled. Companies are always looking for ways to meet the needs of consumers based on problems they’re having or opportunities to make life better for them. TITAN Fuel Tanks is a company that sprung to life because those who tow a trailer desired more mileage, and this has been of significant benefit to enthusiasts around the world.

The idea for TITAN came as a vision to its owner while he was in living in the Eastern part of Idaho and was towing a trailer to recreational events. Most of these events were over 500 miles away from his home and he was getting tired of his trips taking longer than needed due to fuel stops. That’s when it hit him: why not make large-capacity fuel tanks for trucks to make towing longer distances easier?

Mike DeFord from TITAN shared with us what makes its tanks so unique and a great fit for those who tow with a diesel truck.

“The tanks are manufactured from a cross-linked polymer, which is a very strong and tough material that resembles plastic. They weigh less than metal tanks, they reduce condensation, plus they’re much safer and more reliable than metal tanks, as polymer does not rust or corrode. Each of the TITAN replacement fuel tanks is designed to fit a specific truck. The engineers at TITAN use a number of high-tech devices and some very robust software to utilize every bit of free space under the truck to maximize the fuel capacity for each specific truck. The average TITAN tank is double the size of the stock tank that it’s replacing.”

TITAN offers more than just fuel tanks for trucks — the company has branched out into the auxiliary tank market, as well. The Travel Trekkers and Spare Tire Auxiliary Fuel Systems (STAFS) offer diesel owners a wide range of extra fuel storage options that can be controlled from within the cab of a truck. These tanks make it possible to transfer fuel into your main tank as you drive down the road so you don’t even have to stop to fill up.

Diesel tanks aren’t the only thing TITAN makes; the company also has a line of auxiliary tanks that will work with gasoline and kerosene as well, known as the SideKick. This 15-gallon tank uses a Shaker Siphon that can transfer fuel at a speedy 2 gallons-per-minute.

“The SideKick is a very adaptive tank; while it is designed to be mounted in the bed of a truck, customers mount them in/on their trailers as well as other locations. Customers use the SideKick in a wide variety of ways, from refueling yard equipment and generators, to fueling racecars at the track. Each year the price of gas at the track gets higher, so tracks are also now limiting racers on bringing fuel drums and some gas cans into the track. The SideKick tank is the answer, as it allows racers to fill them before getting to the track and then refuel their racecars at the track. The tanks are mounted securely and are grounded so they exceed a track’s requirements for fuel storage,” DeFord explains.

Click right here to learn more about the different tanks that TITAN has available.

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