Futura’s Sleek Tandem Low Loader Trailers

Futura's Sleek Tandem Low Loader Trailers

As the official trailer/motorcoach dealer of Dragzine, Flying A Motorsports’ extensive lineup of new and used motorhomes and toterhomes, race car trailers, stacker trailers, car haulers, and cargo trailers will be highlighted here in a monthly feature, the Rig of the Month.

Featured this month is a very unique trailer for racers with equally unique needs or tastes in their hauler. Futura Trailers manufactures a whole range of innovative lowering trailers that are designed for vehicles that sit low to the ground, have obtrusive ground effects that make trailer ramps a challenge, or for the racer who simply enjoys the luxury of driving their vehicle right onto the trailer without fiddling with ramps.

Futura’s trailers use a sleek, mostly hidden hydraulic and cable system to raise and lower the trailer at the push of a remote button, dropping the tail of the trailer deck 1-inch off the ground, making it possible for even the lowest of ride-height vehicles to drive on without dragging the nose. The trailers, when lowered, have a 3-degree pitch angle to further ensure low-sitting vehicles can be loaded and unloaded without a hiccup.

With the low loader trailers, one can load up their car in just a minute’s time, and they can do so safely and without frills. The anodized aluminum chassis, aircraft-grade rivets, and complete metal assembly provide a truly professional product inside and out; the trailer deck features raised sides at the front and rear to ensure you don’t drive off the sides while loading or unloading; specially-designed guide rails house continuous tie points on the front, rear, and sides of the chassis for proper tie-down strap security; the trailers also provide ample door clearance so you’ll have no trouble getting in and out of your car.

Futura’s complete lineup of trailers is available through Flying A Motorsports, and among its current stock are a 2019 model 16-foot Low Loader tandem, and a 2020 model, 19-foot Low Loader Pro Car Hauler. The former features a full stone guard to protect your vehicle, while the latter, more fully equipped, sports a tire rack, stone guard, a winch with wireless remote, and provisions to carry a spare tire.

The trailers feature LED lighting, electric brakes, alloy wheels, a CNC-machined chassis, 316 stainless steel rigging, concealed fixing and wiring, continuous tie rails front and rear, and more.

You can learn more about Futura’s lineup of trailers — including everything from 10-foot trailers for powersports to enclosed low loaders for your racecar — by visiting them on the web.

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