JJ Da Boss Shows Off The New Version Of His Ole Heavy Truck

JJ Da Boss Shows Off The New Version Of His Ole Heavy Truck

JJ Da Boss from the Discovery hit show Street Outlaws: Memphis has shown time after time he’s not afraid to line up with anybody on the streets in one of his vehicles. Out of his fleet, JJ’s truck known as “Ole Heavy” is probably the most famous and unfortunately, the truck has also lived a very hard life. To make Ole Heavy safer and more competitive, JJ had the truck updated with a new chassis and switched to a new engine package that features a ProCharger providing the boost.

JJ campaigned Ole Heavy for years with a 632 cubic-inch Chevy motor that was fed a healthy dose of nitrous oxide as a power-adder. The truck saw action all over the country and even tangled with the boys from the 405 a few times, as well. Ole Heavy was involved in several crashes so JJ decided it was time to give the old truck a much-needed facelift.

Quin’s Chassis Shop redid most of the chassis with chrome-moly tubing, built the trick Fab9 rearend, and made a wicked set of wheelie bars for Ole Heavy. TRE worked on the rear suspension, including the new 4-link setup. Paint By JC was tasked with making sure this new Ole Heavy had the signature weathered look JJ wanted.

The biggest change for JJ with this truck is what’s powering it — gone is the big-block nitrous engine, and in its place is a small-block built by Taylor Laster at TRE Racing Engines that’s getting pumped full of boost by a ProCharger F1X-12 supercharger. The thought process behind the change is to make the truck easier to tune so JJ can apply more power on the street with more manageable torque levels from the engine.

How JJ is going to tune Ole Heavy is really neat and shows just how innovative Laster is.

A Nitrous Express Maximizer 5 nitrous controller has been set up to control the timing of the truck by Laster. There are options for three different tune ups and essentially the nitrous controller is now a timing controller that will change the timing during a run.

Make sure you watch this video from Austin Smith that’s posted on his Cold Hearted Racing Channel on YouTube. He goes into even more detail about the truck and what went into its creation.

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