Massive props to the NHRA on their social media game during the lockdown


I follow all major racing series on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook/whatever and the NHRA’s approach to the lockdown has been miles better than the rest.

The other racing series consistently spam my timeline with lame, contrived G-rated memes and flavor-of-the-hour trends like *”what’s the first name that comes to mind when you see this logo”*, or the constant barrage of eSports stuff that was fun for a few weeks until it became overrun with politics and mini-scandals.

The NHRA (and CompetitionPlus) have basically used this time to dig up old photos, conduct multi-part interviews, and upload old races via the Nitro Rewind segment. That’s basically all we really wanted during the lockdown and they’re nailing it. Other series feel like they’re tripping over themselves to appeal to children with low attention spans.


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