Soon there will be a new player in the live streaming game.

Ted Jones, a former sanctioning body executive who transitioned into television production, confirmed his Bristol, Tenn.-based Masters Entertainment Group, Inc. have added a live streaming division.

“I’m pretty excited about it,” Jones said. “We’re having fun putting the trailer together because it’s going to be more like a TV truck, in that we’ll be able to do things they don’t now do in streaming. We’ll still use the PA announcer as the main announcer, but we’ll do things like RF transmitting top-end interviews and paid interviews and stuff like that live. 

“We want to take a feed from the Compulink system and throw that up on the screen. Like after the guy hits the finish line, you’ll be able to see the copy link screen so the viewer at home can see the progressives and the whole shot and all the stuff like that.”

Jones confirmed Masters plans to break away from the usual video streaming used in motorsports and use their extensive television production experience to offer more complete and professional streaming coverage to events.

Using professional television HD cameras, Masters will use boom cam shots, several manned cameras, drone shots, point of view cameras, photo finish cams, live interviews from the pit area and top-end winner interviews, like that normally featured in professional television coverage.

“The other trick we’re doing, of course, is we’re going to take all that footage and edit it down to a half-hour television show and put it on one of our networks we deal with now,” Jones explained. “So it’s a whole package.”

Additionally, if the event has sponsors involved, Masters will sell advertising to those sponsors, both on the live stream and on the network TV show. By combining the event sponsors with Masters’ sponsors, there is no cost to the event for the streaming service.

Any event promoter interested in professional live streaming should contact Holly Vining at 423 968 7736 or [email protected]

For Jones, he understands this new chapter in life is essentially teaching an old dog a new trick. He believes wholeheartedly his team is up for the challenge.

“We just want to do it better, and we feel like we have the advantage,” Jones said. “We have professional television cameras. We have professional TV cameras, and we will use and a professional television switcher and everything like that, that we’ll use. We already have the crew, and we have the staff, we have the other things that you need that you use for TV.”




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