Power Up A Small Block Ford Using the MSD Pro 600 And Terminator X

Power Up A Small Block Ford Using the MSD Pro 600 And Terminator X

Introducing enough spark into a high-horsepower engine that is being stuffed with boost is critical and fortunately, there are plenty of ways to get this done. MSD has been putting fire in the pipes of different engine combinations for many years and its new Pro 600 system can be used in numerous applications. In this video, Ray Frescas from Holley shows how the MSD Pro 600 and Cam Sync Distributor can be used with a Terminator X EFI system on a boosted Ford engine.

Holley changed the performance world when it introduced the Terminator X EFI systems for multiple engine platforms. When you combine the precise fueling control of the Terminator X with the 600 millijoules of spark energy and 300-microseconds of duration that the Pro 600 can produce, you have a recipe for big horsepower.

The Pro 600 comes with the correct harness so you can connect it to your coils, along with the Terminator X ECU. In the video, Frescas details how this process works and shows you how the power boost wire can be added for even more spark output. Frescas also covers the importance of using a quality spark plug wire, and even shows you how to make your own.

Getting cam and crank signals has to be accounted for when using the Pro 600 with the Terminator X. To make this happen, you’ll need a Cam Sync distributor along with a crank trigger that will work with the system. This may sound like a complex process, however, Frescas does a great job breaking down how to hook everything up in the video. After everything has been installed, Frescas explains how to get the cam and crank sensors to sync up as needed. Finally, Frescas covers what you need to do so your Terminator X will recognize the new ignition system.

Make sure you watch the entire video to see just how easy it is to add more juice to your small block Ford-powered project.

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